What Could the Stories Behind Our Favorite Stories Be Like?

 Hey dear readers!

I'm happy you're here and I'll do my best to bring the amazing Stories Behind the Curtain before your eyes through this blog!

I've never liked gossip! But I was always thrilled by the real or fictitious stories the inspired authors and script writers to write amazing books and the scripts for wonderful movies. Sometimes the story's pretty much the same. Sometimes aspects of the story have been changed in order to avoid unpleasant situations and sometimes just for the sake of more compleiing storytelling.

The stories behind the famous ones are more than just the inspiration or interesting hint on the book/movie. Sometimes they're not whole stories. Maybe they're songs or just a landscape. They moved the creators' hearts and intrigued their minds so much they decided to write a new story about them. So, there's something special about them.

I, as a fiction writer, have also found myself inspired by real stories, music or other things. So I can understand the magic moment when a writer catches the idea on a book or a movie in a glimpse of a moment.

Wonder how you can transform such a thing in a whole book or a movie? I'm going to be writing quite a few such things too!

I'm going to share with you not only real stories and the inspiration behind our favorite stories, but also tips on how to handle such inspiration. Well, you know no one can teach you how to catch inspiration! But I'll gladly share with you my experience on how to transform this first - maybe vague - idea into a whole story - either book or script.

It's not just that though! This blog is about all of us. So, I'd love to host your Story Behind the Curtain! You can send me your article on your inspiration and how you made it a brand new story or have a brief interview with me about it!

So, just stay tuned! There's a lot to come!


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